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Basic policy

DSK Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “DSK”) recognizes that the protection of personal information is its social responsibility.

DSK as well as Suzhou DSK comply with related laws and regulations and promote the implementation of the following procedures.

Privacy Policy

  1. DSK establishes Security Policy to protect personal information from loss, destruction, falsification,leakage, etc. And DSK takes appropriate information security control measures, such as countermeasures against unauthorized access and computer viruses.
  2. DSK obtains personal information by legal and fair means. DSK will not obtain personal information by unfair means.
    DSK will obtain first-person consent for purpose of use when asking for personal information, or DSK will notify necessary information on DSK WEB site.
  3. When DSK obtains personal information indirectly,DSK will confirm whether the personal information is what the information supplier got from the principal properly and will take action to protect personal information during the term of the contract and will notify necessary information such as purpose of personal information use, etc. on WEB site.
  4. DSK hereby confirms that the individual concerned may submit a request for disclosure, correction,discontinuance of use, deletion of any personal data about the the individual and that DSK will meet the individual's request without dissent.
  5. When entrusting the handling of personal information to third parties for shared use and/or subcontracting,DSK will verify the third parties and will conclude a necessary contract and will implement necessary measures by laws.

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